• All orders are shipped by UPS.
  • Once the cargo is dispatched, the buyer will be notified with an email that will include the tracking number to trace his/her cargo.
  • If available in stock, a product is usually dispatched within 2 working days following the placement of the order.
  • For domestic deliveries, it usually takes up to 1-2 working days after the products are dispatched to deliver the cargo.
  • For international deliveries, ETA varies depending on final destination. Below table displays estimated delivery terms for various destinations.
  • It is possible to ship the cargo to an address that is not the same of the billing address. In that case, the buyer will be required to input both shipping and billing addresses during checkout. If only the billing address is provided during checkout, the cargo will be shipped and delivered to that address.


  • If you refuse delivery of your order, it will be returned to our address and you will receive a refund for the merchandise.
  • If the cargo is accepted by someone other than the buyer on the address provided, then it will be assumed as if the cargo is delivered to the buyer.


  • Please note that Lemma does not cover duties which is the amount charged by a country for an individual item. For orders that will be shipped to another country than Turkey, the buyer will have to meet the charges that may arise from the procedure being applied by the custom of that country.
  • VAT is included in the prices.
  • Shipping charges are included in the prices.



If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us , through the contact form(bottom of our website) or by sending an email to